I started therapy after having arthroscopic surgery on my knee. Afraid that it would be painful, the staff was very understanding and gentle. They have done a wonderful job helping me to strengthen my knee so I can get back to playing tennis. With their fine care, I feel confident about going back to my every day activities. -- Ilene Enz

I have had experience with physical therapy in the past, but at Northwest I learned simple exercises to help me improve. The staff is amazingly friendly and supportive. I had a great experience with demonstration, observation and gentle encouragement when needed. Should I need further therapy, I will return to Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. -- Wendy Mitchell

I started at Northwest Therapy three weeks after a knee replacement surgery. I was on a walker and had a lot of pain. The workouts were painful at first, but the more I attended, the less the pain. After three weeks I traded the walker for a cane. Two weeks later I was no longer needing the cane. I am now walking normally and almost pain free. I feel (the staff) were genuinely interested in my improvement. -- Bud Smart

I am at the end of my four weeks of physical therapy for my tendonitis and tears in both heels. I am very pleased and encouraged with the therapy results. I received excellent care from the therapist and technicians. The therapist and staff are very capable, positive and friendly. The office has very pleasant atmosphere and I felt at ease at all times. I would not hesitate to return if I need further therapy and would certainly recommend this office to anyone in need of therapy. -- Karen Parker

One week after arthroscopic surgery on my left knee, I started physical therapy with Northwest. My knee was weak and painful to bend. I was using crutches to walk and had difficulty with balancing, turning and putting any weight on the knee. I went to therapy three times per week. The result at the end of my therapy is great. I am able to walk without pain, the strength in my knee has returned and I can bend my knee and no longer have problems with my balance. Many thanks to everyone at NWPT for their dedication, caring and professionalism, it has made a bad time in my life easier. -- Ted Touye

When I began PT, I had severe pain in my hip. I was unable to do physical things like walking without constant pain. Sitting was impossible and I was unable to sleep most of the time due to excruciating pain. After several PT sessions, the pain was less and I was able to sleep through the night. By the end of my physical therapy I was only having minor pain that occurred after very strenuous exercise. Because I also learned how to manage the pain, I am now nearly pain free! After six years of pain - what a relief!-- Alisa Romaine

I came to NWPT with much pain and apprehension about my health, but everyone was quick to help me with my fears and provided the technical expertise need to regain the use of my knee. You provided the best possible care, spoke with compassion and treated me like a person instead of a statistic! I can only imagine that it's not always easy being a physical therapist with such high standards, professional expertise and personal dedication. I for one, want to thank you for your personal dedication. You do a great job. -- Radean Brown

While working at my job as a flight attendant, I injured my lower back while opening and closing overhead bins on the airplane. I could not bend, or hardly walk. I really was in pain. My doctor recommended physical therapy. By doing the right exercises and getting the treatments that were administered to me, my back started its healing process. Not only did my back improve, but I was also taught the correct way to move about in my job and life. I can truly say, not only did the therapist treat and relieve my lower back pain, I also learned valuable information that can be used in the future. Physical therapy for me was truly beneficial. -- Rebecca Good